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Felisfire is a great one, you create alien like species that look like cats, dogs, dragons. It incorporates realistic genetics for breeding. It also has a great community.

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Q: Is there a dog breeding game that is free and online?
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What are free wolf breeding games online?

One is called Wajas it is like a wolf/dog breeding sim game

Where can you play a free online dog breeding game?

Any good dog free online virtual dog breeding games?

Are there any free online dog breeding games?

yes virtual bark is

Free online dog breeding games? I hope I helped you!

Any good dog free online virtual animal breeding and showing games? is a really fun dog breeding and showing game. It is really fun. There is also a game that is called Virtual Pups my friend told me about I don't play it but my friend really enjoys it you should try it

What are some free online games where you can be a dog?

You can be a wolf in Wolfquest but that is the closest thing I know to a game where you can be a dog

How do you get your dog to have a baby on Nintendogs?

There is no dog breeding without hacking the game.

What is a good dog breeding game?

I like Celebrity Pedigree

What is the best breeding dog game ever?

What is a good dog care and breeding sign up game?

Net Pet

Is there a good downloadable dog or wolf breeding game for free?

There is the WolfQuest game. It is a very fun downloadable, free game where you take on the role as a wolf. You don't necessarily get to breed, but you do have pups in the second edition (no customizing... sorry!) But give it it a shot; one of the best CPU games I have ever downloaded/had!