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there is none

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Q: Is there a code to recover deleted files in Pokemon LeafGreen after starting a new game?
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My LeafGreen game has somehow been deleted how do i recover it?

You cant.

How do I get my deleted game back in Pokemon pearl please help?

You may not recover a deleted file.

Can you recover your deleted Pokemon Emerald for Game Boy advance sp?


Can I recover my accidentally deleted Pokemon from Pokemon Battle Revolution without using my Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?


How can you recover a disappeared raikou in Pokemon FireRed?

Get another from leafgreen or another firered or get one from Pokemon colosseum.

Why is important to Recover deleted files?

It is just important to recover deleted files that are needed.

Why is my save file deleted on Pokemon Sapphire When i was saving it restarted by itself and when it started it said save file is deleted I did A LOT on it Can i recover it?

i don't know, but i don't think so

How can you recover chat history on facebook after you have deleted it?

Thank me later.. cheers mate

How do you recover deleted application from Facebook?

You can just search for the deleted application on the search box and then allow it again but you cannot recover deleted application or your saved data or game.

Where can you find recover in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't really find it anywhere, because it's not a TM or an HM. Multiple Pokémon learn it though.

How do you recover deleted history in Firefox?

It is not possible to recover deleted browser history using Firefox. However, it is possible to set the history to never be deleted in the browser settings menu.

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once deleted is gone