Is there a code for manaphy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, their isn't a code for a Manaphy, but their is a code for a manaphy egg. The code is 94000130 FCFF0000 B21C4D28 00000000 B0000004 00000000 0000AA3C EDB88320 0000AA3C EDB88320 2000AA68 00000007 D2000000 00000000.

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Q: Is there a code for manaphy?
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What is the manaphy egg code for platinum?

There is no code to get the egg.There is a code to catch manaphy.

Whats the code for manaphy?

well you can't get manaphy like magic you can only get the manaphy egg and here is the code 94000130 FCFF0000 62101D40 0000000 B2101D40 0000000 0000B5D4 0000007 D2000000 0000000

What is the manaphy egg cheat code?

There is no legitimate cheat code to get a Manaphy egg. You would have to hack the game with something like an Action Replay to get one.

What is the code for MANAPHY egg on Diamond vision?


How can you get phione in your pokedex?

u need to have a manaphy and a ditto put it in the daycare and the old man will give you manaphy egg and that is PHIONEYou cant find it on pearl. u gotta get a manaphy off of ranger (u need a code) and you mate the manaphy with a ditto, and you will get a phione.P.S the code will vary depending on what continent ur game card is from.

I have a Manaphy and begging for a true Shaymin?

I will trade my shaymin for a manaphy my game name is connor and my friend code is 3190 7040 6391

Can you get manaphy if you bought a used game but the mission was done?

Sadly, no, but if you have an Action Replay DS, you can input a code that will give you the Manaphy egg. To get the code, check the answer to "Action Replay codes for Pokemon Diamond?".

How do you get a manaphy on pokemon platnum?

use action replay dsi or ds and go to code junkies .com and look for manaphy egg cheat.

Manaphy egg cheat?

Manaphy is a Pokémon that is difficult to acquire legitimately. The following Action Replay code will get you a Manaphy egg is: 94000130 FCFF000062101D40 00000000B2101D40 000000000000B5D4 000000070000B5D8 00000000D2000000 00000000

How do you Use manaphy egg action replay code?

you put the code then enter to any pokeom mart and press L+R a guy with a green shirt should give you the manaphy egg have fun!!!

What trainer has a manaphy in Pokemon platinum?

No trainer has it but there is a action replay code ofr it

What is the code for Manaphy in Mystery Gift in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You cannot get Manphy.