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i dont know you tell me donkey

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Q: Is there a cheat that unlocks all levels on tony hawks project 8?
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What are the cheats to tony hawks ride?

Im pretty sure there is only 1 cheat and it is FEELINGEIGHTIES and it unlocks Frankfurt

How do you get to the last level in tony hawks project 8?

lol you do the levels then you get to the las XD

Is there a website to show glitches of tony hawks project 8 Playstation 3?

cheat planet might have some

What are the cheats to tony hawks proving ground?

Cheat: Cheat ListInsert the passwords on the left exactly as shown into the in-game cheats menu for the desired result...AintFallin - Unlocks perfect rail / no bailsBeefedUp - Unlocks full statisticsBooyah - Unlocks super checkCRAZYBONEMAN - Unlocks skater BonemanDapper - Unlocks skater SpenceFlyaway - Unlocks skater EricFOREVERNAILED - Unlocks 100% branch completionGiveMeStuff - Unlocks CAS itemsIMGONNABUILD - Unlocks all rig piecesINTERGALACTIC - Unlocks skater MCALAIDBACKLOUNGE - Unlocks all lounge themesLetsGoSkate - Unlocks all decksLooksSmelly - Unlocks skater RubeLOTSOFTRICKS - Unlocks all available specialsMagicMan - Unlocks skating with no boardMoreMilk - Unlocks skater BoscoMovers - Unlocks skater ShayneMyopic - Unlocks unlimited focusNeedsHelp - Unlocks fifty skill pointsNotACamera - Unlocks skater CamNotADude - Unlocks skater MelOverTheTop - Unlocks fun itemsPiledriver - Unlocks skater El PatinadorPutEmOnTop - Unlocks all video editor overlaysRabbies - Unlocks skater Mad DogShaker - Unlocks skater TV ProducerSketchy - Unlocks skater Eddie XSTILLAINTFALLIN - Unlocks perfect manualSUPERSLASHIN - Unlocks unlimited slash grindSweetStuff - Unlocks all lounge bling itemsTheCoop - Unlocks skater CooperTheIndoorPark - Unlocks Air and Space MuseumTHELOCALPARK - Unlocks LansdowneTheMissing - Unlocks the invisible manThePrezPark - Unlocks FDR SkateparkTinyTater - Unlocks the small skaterTrippy - Unlocks all video editor effectsWatchThis - Unlocks all in-game moviesCorrection by tonkhawk91RTZUnlockable: Judy NailsTo unlock Judy Nails, head to the in-game codes menu and type in LOVEROCKNROLL.

What are some cheat codes for tony hawks proving ground on x-box 360?

Cheat: Cheat List Insert the passwords on the left exactly as shown into the in-game cheats menu for the desired result... I need TRUST POINTS PLEASE * AintFallin - Unlocks perfect rail / no bails * BeefedUp - Unlocks full statistics * Booyah - Unlocks super check * CRAZYBONEMAN - Unlocks skater Boneman * Dapper - Unlocks skater Spence * Flyaway - Unlocks skater Eric * FOREVERNAILED - Unlocks 100% branch completion * GiveMeStuff - Unlocks CAS items * IMGONNABUILD - Unlocks all rig pieces * INTERGALACTIC - Unlocks skater MCA * LAIDBACKLOUNGE - Unlocks all lounge themes * LetsGoSkate - Unlocks all decks * LooksSmelly - Unlocks skater Rube * LOTSOFTRICKS - Unlocks all available specials * MagicMan - Unlocks skating with no board * MoreMilk - Unlocks skater Bosco * Movers - Unlocks skater Shayne * Myopic - Unlocks unlimited focus * NeedsHelp - Unlocks fifty skill points * NotACamera - Unlocks skater Cam * NotADude - Unlocks skater Mel * OverTheTop - Unlocks fun items * Piledriver - Unlocks skater El Patinador * PutEmOnTop- Unlocks all video editor overlays * Rabbies - Unlocks skater Mad Dog * Shaker - Unlocks skater TV Producer * Sketchy - Unlocks skater Eddie X * STILLAINTFALLIN - Unlocks perfect manual * SUPERSLASHIN - Unlocks unlimited slash grind * SweetStuff - Unlocks all lounge bling items * TheCoop - Unlocks skater Cooper * TheIndoorPark - Unlocks Air and Space Museum * THELOCALPARK - Unlocks Lansdowne * TheMissing - Unlocks the invisible man * ThePrezPark - Unlocks FDR Skatepark * TinyTater - Unlocks the small skater * Trippy - Unlocks all video editor effects * WatchThis - Unlocks all in-game movies

What is the storm hawks weapon cheat?

there are no cheats

What is the cheat for unlimited money on tony hawks proving ground?

the code for tony hawks is BIG123MONEY

How do you get out of subsurbia in tony hawks project 8?

Complete enough goals

Is it possible to get 100 percent on tony hawks project 8?


What are the cheat codes for tony hawks under ground 2?

There are none avalibe.

How do you unlock all levels on tony hawks underground1?

Don't suck

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