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Go to emerald GameShark

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Q: Is there a cheat on how to catch others pokemons?
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How can you catch pokemons from another tranier?

tou ugly cheat

How to get all pokemons in the box cheat code Pokemon platinum?

u catch them you lazy bum

Can you catch other peoples pokemons on pokemons blue version?


What is the cheat code for all pokemons?


What are the cheat codes to capture all legendary pokemons-Pokemon Sapphire?

uhi8ii9ihih what are the cheat codes to capture all ledgendary pokemons-pokemon sapphire

Where can you catch murkro in Pokemon pearl?

You cannot get a Murkro in Pearl, it is a Diamond only pokemon. Some pokemons are exclusive to Diamond and others are to Pearl.

What doe you do after you catch Rayquaza?

train him or go catch all the other pokemons

What is the cheat to change the attacts of pokemons?

u don't need a cheat, u just buy a TM

Master ball action replay?

Greatball - Masterball CheatThis is a great cheat to catch all your Pokemon. This cheat allows you to use the Greatball as if it were the Masterball (100% chance of capturing a wild Pokemon) All you do it hold Up and B just before the ball lands on a pokemons head. You should catch a Pokemon if you did this correctly.

Why is it so hard to catch rare Pokemons in Pokemon games?

-_- -_-

What to do after you catch mew 2 on firered?

You try to catch the rest pokemons!! Gotta catch'em all!

What to do to go to suunyshore in pokemons perl ds?

Catch/Defeat PALKIA