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To offset the cost in credits for Early Access (500 credits), the completion of Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period awarded 200 credits rather than the usual 100.

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Q: Is there a bonus for the opening of Counterfeit Island?
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Is Counterfeit Island counterfeit?

Counterfeit IslandNo, Counterfeit Island is real. In fact, it'd be better named as "Art Island".

How do you die on Counterfeit Island?

You do not die on Counterfeit Island.

How do you get in the mansion in Counterfeit Island?

there is no mansion on counterfeit island

How do you get the camera on Counterfeit Island?

There is no camera as an item on Counterfeit Island.

Where is the lighthouse and how do you get there on Counterfeit Island?

You will have to swim for it : the lighthouse is on Big Nate Island, not Counterfeit Island.

Did Counterfeit Island permanently take Reality TV Island's place or will it come back?

Reality TV still alive?In e-mails announcing the opening of Counterfeit Island, Poptropica said that Reality TV Island was still under development, so expect it to be released eventually. They have not definitely scheduled it as the next island.

What to do after you talk to the curator on Counterfeit Island?

you go back on counterfeit island

Is Counterfeit Island Poptropica's tenth island?

Yes. Counterfeit Island was the tenth, and Reality TV is the eleventh.

Where is the curator in Counterfeit Island?

the curator isn't on counterfeit island... shes in early poptropica...

How do you get past the snowballs on Counterfeit Island?

There are no snowballs on Counterfeit Island. (see the related question)

Where is the underground hatch on Counterfeit Island?

it is in the underground at counterfeit

What is the safe in Counterfeit Island?

There is no safe on Counterfeit Island. There is an underground hatch that has a Dragon Face lock on it.