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not yet but just wait

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Q: Is there a action replay code to get the Andromeda card for megaman star force dragon?
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It is that all boys should turn into girls

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no there is't

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How can you get the Andromeda in GTAsa ps2?

you can get it in one mission stowaway or get action replay to spawn

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Is there a action replay code to play as someone els insead of Megaman in Megaman star force dragon?

So far there has yet to be a code for this however in time there might be this code your looking for, i suggest checking forums in gaming websites such as gamespot or gamefaqs. hope it helps

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1000555559 53739318379199 488429188448

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Action Replay

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u can't its called action replay which is the same as cheats

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Insert a Megaman Battle Network game into the secondary slot of your DS, then pulse in. Now go to the DogHouse near Bud's house and you'll find Megaman there.