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no you get it from prof. rowan after you complete sinnoh pokedex.

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Q: Is there a action replay code for the poke radar?
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How do you get a pokeradar in Pokemon black?

Action replay but it won't work.(the Poke Radar)

What is the action replay code to get unlimited every-poke-ball in Pokemon Diamond?

action replay code to get unlimited every-poke-ball in Pokemon diamond?Read more: What_is_the_action_replay_code_to_get_unlimited_every-poke-ball_in_Pokemon_diamond

Action replay code for all poke tech apps?

What game?

How do you get the azure flute in the oreberge poke mart?

action replay. that, i know, but the code's not on me.

How can you catch a raikou in Pokemon white?

Action Replay code or poke transfer

What is the action replay code to get a shiny ditto in Pokemon pearl?

k u get the national dex get the poke radar go beside canalave and use it in the grass rarely a ditto will apear and it is VERY EXTREMELY INCREDIBLY RARE so have fun looking for a shiny i dont know action replay code o.k

How do you get trapinch?

Option 1 you have to got to go to route 228 and use poke radar in any patch of grass.( you don't need a poke radar. Option 2 you buy a action replay from gamestop and use cheats.

What is the best action replay code for poke platinum?

The one for the LV 100 arceus

What is the action replay code to get the poke flute in soulsilver?

f427h69.bi758gu7of,jro4rk,frlo64r douchebag959

What cheat for the action replay is it to have every poke ball on Pokemon pearl?

go to or cheat code central (ccc) and you will find the action replay code for all pokeballs for either platinum or pearl

What is the action replay code for buy azure flute at any poke-mart?

whow do you get azure flute

How do I type the chea code to walk through walls on Poke-mon platinum?

You need action replay