Is there a NHL 09 for wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it's called NHL 2K9

No, nhl 09 has Dion phaneuf on the cover, they only have nhl 2k9 which has rick Nash on the cover.

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Q: Is there a NHL 09 for wii?
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Is there going to be an NHL 09 for the Wii?

Probably not. I'll explain to you why, because there was no NHL 07 for Gamecube, there was no NHL 08 for the wii so there probably won't be a NHL 09 for the wii.

How much will NHL 09 cost when it comes out?

NHL 09 will cost $59.99 for the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will also be availiable on the PlayStation 2 for $39.99. I appears that it will not be offered for the Wii.

What hockey games are available for the Wii?

2k Sports has released their annual hockey game every year for the Wii since 2009: NHL 2k9, 2k10, and 2k11. EA's last NHL mainstream game that was released on the Wii is NHL 09, but have since then created a motion-based version, NHL Slapshot, alongside the release of NHL 11 on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Is NHL 09 better than NHL 08?

NHL 09 is better then NHL 08

Is NHL 08 available for the Wii?

No, only NHL 2K9, 2K10, and 2K11 are available for the Wii. The only EA hockey game for Wii is NHL Slapshot.

Will NHL come to Wii in 2010?

Yeah there is NHL 2010 in the works for Wii console from EA Sports.

Does nhl 11 Wii need Wii motion plus?


How do you get the winter classic on nhl 2k10 for Wii?

its IMPOSSIBLE for wii

Will NHL 11 come to wii?

Yes, NHL ea series will come to wii finally. If you don't believe it go to and search NHL 11 coming to wii? On pastapadre and it will show an awesome picture. P.s. This is not NHL slapshot this is the real deal NHL series. This so awesome.

Is NHL 12 for Wii?

NHL 12 is for PS3 and Xbox not for the Wii. However, I have heard some rumours that it might come out on Nintendo Wii but, it probably won't

Can you use 'NHL 09' 'be a pro' character in 'NHL 10'?


Can you play Madden 09 DS on Wii?

You can't. You would need to play Madden 09 for Wii on the Wii!