Is there Tiny Tower online

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is an app available at the iStore.

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Q: Is there Tiny Tower online
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When did Tiny Tower happen?

Tiny Tower happened in 2011.

Where can you play tiny tower online?

nowhere its impossible ive been looking to guess the people are just too dumb to put it online :(

Can bitizens date on tiny tower?

Bitizens can't date in Tiny Tower.

How do you create a 2nd separate account on tiny tower?

You can't have 2 separate accounts on tiny tower.

How do you renew your tiny tower app to get a new tower?


Where can you get tiny tower?

In the iTunes app store

How do you change bitizens birthday tiny tower?

Unfortunately, you cannot change a Bitizen's birthday in Tiny Tower. The birthday that a Bitizen has when they move into your tower is the birthday they will keep throughout their stay.

Where can you get tiny tower PC download?

Unfortunately there's no way to play Tiny Tower on PC. But there are some similar games available free on the web.

What does a real estate do on tiny tower?

A real estate on tiny tower would move a bitizens into any apartment you pick. If the apartment is full, then nothing happens.

Where can I find building games for the iPad?

Try Tiny Tower. The url is This app allows you to build a tower and manage the people inside.

How do you finish a mission on tiny tower?

To do a mission you follow the directions and just keep it. You'll lose it and get the amount of bux on the right side of the tiny tower. From: stUpid mouSe

How do you post on the bitbook in tiny tower?

To post on the BitBook in Tiny Tower, tap on the Bitizens tab on the bottom menu and choose a Bitizen in your tower. Once selected, tap on the speech bubble icon to write a message. This message will then be visible to other players who visit your tower.