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No it won't. The Darkrai that knows Spacial Rend and Roar of Time is a different event that will come out later. The event that will be coming out tomorrow (August 3, 2009) is the one that takes you to the in-game Darkrai on New Moon Island.

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Q: Is the upcoming Darkrai on August 3rd going the attacks Spacial rend and Roar of time?
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Where is the Darkrai event in the UK?

august 3rd

Does anyone have the Darkrai mystery gift?

The Darkrai Mystery Gift lasted from August 3rd(2009) to September 13th(2009). Anyone playing during that time could have obtained it.

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The event is in August 3rd to September 13th 2009 . It will be given by mystery gift.

Can you get the upcoming Darkrai on August 3rd on the Wifi connection at home or Toys R Us?

i havent heard any news of the upcoming darkrai event since the event for shaymin hasn't been released yet (for platinum) and btw, most events are for wifi now, BUT they are 1st at toys r us, because when i had platinum when it came out, after than the event for a lv.100 Regigigas was released, and it was only in Toys R Us, and then later on the event for the rotom key came out for toys r us came out, but when a week after that u were able to get the key through wifi. Use this website to keep updated, it helps me alot and ive never missed a date after discovering this website as you see, the darkrai event has been confirmed!! awesome! I've already tried it didn't say you can get the darkrai event on wifi at toys r us or at home.

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