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Q: Is the game saved to the cartridge or the DS console?
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Is DS data saved on its game cartrige or ds console?

All game data is saved on the game cartridge itself. The DS does not have internal memory for saving game data - the DSi has a memory card, but also does not save game data to it.

Does a Nintendo DS save game progress to the console or to the cartridge?

the cartridge

Is your data in Pokemon Black 2 saved onto the game cartridge or DS memory?

The data is saved onto the cartridge. Remember that the DS and DS lite do not have internal memory.

Can ds games play on a second ds system inf you have saved data on the first?

Data is saved on the cartridge itself. It doesn't matter what system the cartridge is played on - no user data is stored on the console, except wi-fi settings.

Where do download free ds lite game?

You can't download games for DS lite because you need a game cartridge for the console.

Is it ok to move a Pokemon game from a ds system to another ds system?

Yes, the game is saved on the actual DS card, not the console.

Are Nintendo DS save games on the card or the console?

Nintendo DS game saves are stored on the game chip, not the console.

Will a new game card of the same game still load the same data as the old one on the same DS?

No. DS save data is saved to the game card, not the console.

What is GBA cartridge?

Game Boy Advance game cartridge. They can be played on the DS by placing them in the GBA cartridge slot in the bottom of the DS.

Delete canpaign game in zoo tycoon ds 2?

It is not possible to delete the campaign game in Zoo Tycoon 2 on the Nintendo DS games console. All you can do is delete the saved game data.

Will action replay ruin your ds?

Action Replay only modifies the data stored in the console's RAM while it is running - it is completely unable to modify any of the DS' hard coded data or firmware. Therefore it cannot damage the DS itself in any way, though yes, it can damage saved game data on a cartridge.

How does a r4 card go into a Nintendo ds lite?

The R4DS cartridge is to be inserted into the DS's Slot 1, as a regular Game Card would be inserted, the label facing away from the console.