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It is good although it is also considered a nooby weapon since some people only use flamethrower after they get it.

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Q: Is the flamethrower good in Call of Duty 5?
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How do you get a flamethrower in Call of Duty 5 ds?

It is unlocked as one of your perks when you reach level 65.

Highest level in call of duty 5 online?

the level is 65 you get m1a1 carabine and flamethrower

In call of duty 5 online play does the overkill perk work with the flamethrower perk?

yes, because overkill is perk 2 and the flamethrower is perk 1. so you get 3 weapons

Where do you get the flamethrower on call of duty 5 nazi zombies ps3?

On the 360 you get it at the mystery box (AKA the box with the ? on it) i am pretty sure there the same.

Call of duty 4 vs call of duty 5?

Well there both good in there own way so by them .

Does private chensow die in call of duty 5?

yes pv.chensow dies at the 2nd to last level on COD world at war he dies by German with a flamethrower

Is Call of Duty 5 really good?

oh yeh

When does Call of Duty 5 future warfare?

there is not a call of duty 5 future warfare, call of duty 5 is world at war

Is Call of Duty 5 a good game?

I'd say it is not a good game at all. i bought my son it for his birthday and he hates it. its one of the worst call of duty games. ( id say call of duty 1 is better)

Does call of duty 5 need a good graphics card?


Call of Duty 5?

Call of Duty 5 does not yet have a release date.

Who made Call of Duty 5?

Call of duty 5 was developed by Treyarch, and publishers are activision. There is another name for Call of Duty 5, it is called "Call of Duty: World At War" or "CoD: WaW."