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Its a girl.

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Tails is a girl

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Q: Is tails from sonic a girl or a boy?
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Is tails on sonic a boy or girl?

A boy because he meets a girl and falls in love

The character Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog a girl or boy?

The character Tails in sonic the hedgehog is a boy.Miles "Tails" Prower (Also known as Miles per Hour) is a most definite boy name.

Is tails a girl or boy?

I think that tails might secretly be a girl and is secretly the same age as sonic but just doesn't show it because Tails cared about sonic so much in sonic forces which led me to think that tails is hiding some things from sonic.

Is tails sonic a boy?

some fanfictions depict him as a girl; but yes, in the actual show/game hes a boy

Is Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog a female?

No, Tails Prower is a young boy.

Is tails a boy from sonic the hedghog?


Is tails the fox a girl or boy?

Tails is a boy.

Is Miles Tails Prower a boy or girl?

Its a boy, congrats . . . could've fooled me.

Have sonic and tails ever had a fight?

yes. it was when (in the comics) where sonic was kissing a girl that tails liked i forget her name but tails went frickin psyco he was cryin like a baby! tails thought the girl liked him! but she liked sonic. tails was pissed the girls name is cosmo. i know

Is sonic a boy or girl?

a boy.

Is tails a fox?

something was not right about tails in sonic forces tails could be a girl because tails was so worried about sonic thinking was dead and later was very, very happy to see that sonic was alive and well which led me to believe tails could be a girl the entire time and sonic had never even knew that his best friend tails is a teenager girl fox the same age as him but much taller than him with a height of 7 feet tall and much more faster, durable and stronger than sonic.

Is talis from sonic a boy or a girl?

He is a boy