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eh, no, not really, but, when scourge goes super (he turns purple) and sonic does not, he pounds sonic into the dirt.

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Q: Is super scourge stronger than super sonic?
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Is super sonic stronger than super scourge?

No.Super scourge is stronger, but it doesn't as long as sonic. also, scourge uses anarchy beryl instead of chaos emeralds

Who is stronger super sonic or pwerpuff?

Super Sonic is MUCH more powerful than the Powerpuff Girls.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog is stronger than silver hedgehog?

Sonic is faster although silver has a bit more physical power but when they are both super sonic gains far more power than silver therefor making sonic stronger

Who is stronger super sonic or super silver?

Regular Silver is more powerful than Regular Sonic, So I would think that Super Silver would be more powerful.

What sonic form is stronger hyper or dark super?

Hyper sonic is stronger since he got the power of the chaos emeralds and some from the master emerald. Dark sonic, however, comes from the negatives energies in the chaos emeralds, and is some weaker than normal Super sonic.

Is sonic stronger than tails?

sonic is stronger than tails.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog stronger than Knuckles the Echidna?

I think that Mario is stronger, and Sonic is faster. On the other hand, it would be a whole different story if Sonic was Super Sonic.

Who is stronger vector or sonic?

sonic is stronger than knuckles yes he is stronger than vector

Is super Sonic stronger than hyper Sonic?

No as Super Sonic uses only the Chaos Emeralds power whereas Hyper Sonic uses both Chaos Emeralds and Super Emeralds therefore it is like a powered up version of Super Sonic. Keep in mind this form was only used in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Is knuckles stronger than wario?

yes knuckles is he knocked out super sonic with one blow and beat a robot with a super form which is invincible

Is Sonic faster than super Sonic?

No, super Sonic is faster.

Is Nazo stronger than super Sonic?

Nazo is stronger even if sonic went hyper he could still win though hyper sonic may bring up a good fight he may be able to get a few hits on him and doge his attacks but dont forget hyper drains sonics power and nazos forms dosent drain his power at all so its kind of obvious ( when sonic runs out of power) nazo could just end him of just one more piece of information people who think nazo is stronger than sonic and shadow merged together they are wrong dont forget shadic ( sonic and shadow) can transform into hyper which is 50x stronger than hyper sonic and 40x stronger than hyper shadow and nazo is like 20x stronger than sonic and 30x stronger than shadow so shadic ( sonic and shadow) wins it all nazo would be one tap.