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No there isnt. I tried everything,but I couldnt get him , but I think I know how to get vegeta.

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Q: Is super sayian 4 goku in ssf2 demo v0.8b?
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Will Goku be in ssf2 demo 6?

No. He will be demo v0.6 came out on June 13th and I did not see him in the demo.

When is the Super Smash Flash 2 v0.8 released?

Now today is 26.12.2011 and the ssf2 demo v0.8 have been released yesterday in the evening but this ssf2 is demo v0.8a and it has some wrong things.Example if Goku doesn't hit his enemy in Kaio kin he turns into normal Goku.

How do you get vegeta in ssf2 demo v0.8b?

use goku 100 times

What characters do you unlock in ssf2 demo v0.9?

Characters you can unlock in ssf2 demo v0.8b are samus,bowser and captian falcon.

Is it possible to play as Goku in melee?

Only in super smash flash 2/SSF2

Can you get SSF2 expansions in the SSF2 Demo?

I think you can't.

How do you get more character in Super Smash Flash 2 demo?

you cant you have to play the real ssf2

Who are the characters in Super Smash Bros. flash?

IN the first one there are a lot In ssf2 there are less than ssf Open google and search SSF and SSF2 Demo 7.0 Other demos of ssf2 have less people

Can you turn supersayain 4 goku in ssf2 demo v0.8?

Yes you can,all you haft to do is turn kaioken and get the smash ball. But if that doesnt work,try to hack it.

How do you get to play SSF2?

where and how to play ssf2 demo first go to then click on ssf2 demo.......after that click on play this game near the picture of ichigo (swordguy)hitting mario.

Where to play ssf2?

There is only a demo, and just type in SSF2 Mcleod On that top left it says SSf2 Demo. Then click on Play Now. I like honey. Give Me some Honey

How do you get solo in ssf2 demo 5?

you cant