Is sudowoodo better than geodude

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes. Sudowoodo can learn rockslide where as geodude can't. Well, maybe.

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Q: Is sudowoodo better than geodude
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Who is stronger geodude or onix?

onix is more stronger than geodude because when it become steelix it will be lot stronger gloem and steelix are well evened fight......... at first geodude is better than onix (stats)

How do you breed sodowoodo?

In order to breed Sudowoodo you can use a female Sudowoodo and a male one to breed together or if you have a male Sudowoodo then you can use Ditto in order to create a Sudowoodo egg additionally female Sudowoodo can breed with Ditto along with Pokémon in the Mineral Egg Group which are Geodude, Onix, Shedinja, Nosepass, Snorunt, Roggenrola, Dwebble, Yamask, Trubbish, Vanillite and Honedge along with their evolutions.

Who do you breed sudowoodo with in HeartGold?

You can breed sudowoodo with another sudowoodo or a ditto. To get another sudowoodo, you will need to trade for one. You can also breed a ditto with a sudowoodo to get another sudowoodo. Make sure you ask the daycare to see if your ditto gets along with the sudowoodo.

You found a gold geodude in pkmn pearlWhat is the diference from the normal geodude?

What you have encountered is a shiny Geodude, which, as you described, is gold and a normal Geodude is a light gray color. Think of shiny Geodude as a gold nugget and a normal Geodude has a regular rock.

When was Sudowoodo created?

Sudowoodo was created in 1999.

Why is Sudowoodo called Sudowoodo?

From Sudowoodo is a portmanteau of pseudo-, prefix meaning false, and wood.

What does Geodude evolve into?

Geodude will evolve into Graveler.

Is geodude real?

No, Geodude is not a real creature. Geodude is a fictional character only in the Pokemon franchise.

Where can you find a golden geodude on emerald?

A gold geodude is just a shiny geodude you must keep finding geodude in granite cave until its shiny.

How do you soak sudowoodo in?

you get the wailmer pail and water the sudowoodo.

What can you breed a sudowoodo with?

If you get a boy sudowoodo you can breed him with ditto!

What will you get if you breed a Ditto and sudowoodo on Pokemon emerald?