Is sonic the worst xbox game ever?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That depends on what you think

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Q: Is sonic the worst xbox game ever?
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Is there a sonic game for Xbox?

Theres a sonic game for XBOX 360, but I forgot about it for the XBOX

Will Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 be on Wii?

No. Most Sonic fans think Sonic the Hedgehog PS3 has the worst story line of all the Sonic games. Fans think it sucks. BTW the game is also on the Xbox 360.

Which sonic game is the greatest ever not xbox 360 or xbox or ps2 or PS1 games tho?

Well my two personal faves are, Sonic the hedgehog 2 for the SEGA Genesis and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Gamecube.

What is the worst xbox game?

That is your opinion.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog good on the xbox360?

Are you kidding! It's great! The first Sonic game on the Xbox 360 was Sonic '06. Lots of people consider it the worst sonic game in history. Well, I have this game. It is great. You get to play as Sonic, Shadow or Silver each in there own episodes. In a nutshell, it is fantastic. There is Sonic Unleashed. This is where you can play as Sonic the werehog. He was infected by Dark Gaia's energy and so by night, he turns into a monster that no one likes. There is also Sonic Generations. It is great to revisit Sonic's past and play the levels in a new way. I recommend getting Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox 360.

Is the wii able to play xbox 360 discs?

no, The wii is the best the 360 and PS3 is the worst game to ever be invented

Where can you download sonic unleashed for xbox 360?

From the game marketplace

Is sonic 06 better on xbox or ps3?

Sonic is a terrible game no matter the console its being played on.

Will they have new sonic games for ps3?

Yeah, the 20th Anniversary Sonic game called Sonic Generations will be on it and also Xbox 360.

Is silver in sonic unleashed?

i have played the game on xbox an wii but no silver

Does shadow ever shoot sonic?

In the Game SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG for PS2, Nintendo Gamecube and XBOX you can play as two parts, HERO OR DARK, when you play as DARK you get to defeat Sonic and take all the Emeralds, He doesn't attempt to shoot Sonic though.

What is the worst game on xbox 360?

Enchanted Arms is by far the worst gaming (Xbox 360) experience I have ever had. It was like playing a horrible knock off of final fantasy games, and trying repeatedly to defeat boss after boss, in a world were you jump into battles more randomly than a Pokemon game.