Is shadow the hedgehog a bad guy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is funny question. The answer is... Yes and No. It's not possible to put him in any of those categories. In his game "Shadow the Hedgehog" you (as Shadow) Can choose ethier good or evil. In the show "Sonic X" He is also both, having a forgotton past, the way he sees it he owes his life to Eggman (A.K.A. Robotnick) He does behave in an evil manner, but that is what he "has" to do, its not really his choice. It's also hard to give a fair answer simply because of all he's been through. I see him as a "good guy" who has been pushed to evil deeds. If he knew his ful past, I'm sure he would be a good guy, considering the end of "Shadow the Hedghog" When he defeats Black Doom to save the planet.

Long story short, probably good, looking at how in the end, he is always willing to sacrafice himself for whats right.


As stated by SonicTeam SEGA, he's neither. He's known as an anti-hero. Look it up. ;P

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Q: Is shadow the hedgehog a bad guy?
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