Is roblox a virus game

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ive played Roblox for years it hasn't given me a virus but i normally avoid hackers i don't know if that helps

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Q: Is roblox a virus game
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Does roblox have a virus?

If you get Roblox from the official site it will not have a virus. If you get it from any other site then it can not be guarantee that it will no have a virus. Roblox was once hacked by Anons for a few second. But those few seconds were just enough to upload a damaging virus. This problem was later fixed by roblox incorperated.

Who has a virus Roblox or Facebook?

No, Neither Roblox of Facebook have viruses. People on Facebook do sometimes post links to viruses, and there are scams that exist on Facebook, but there are no viruses on Facebook itself. Roblox does not have viruses either. It does have virus scripts within the game, but those cannot actually harm your computer.

Is Roblox virus?

Yes, Roblox was made by Black Hat which are hacker who infortrate your computer and give you a bad virus

Can you go in mmorpg game without an account?

Yes, you can it is called roblox but you have to download it (1000000+ players and virus free).

Is there a virtual reality game that does not give your computer virus?

yeah theres alot like clubpenguin, roblox, webkinz, and etc

Can you get a virus if you download roblox?

No, Roblox will not give you viruses whether you download it or not.but it will slow down your compiuter.

Does Roblox give cookies because my computer was fine until playing Roblox a few weeks after WHY this is very upsetting and to include it permanently destroyed my computer?

Its true, roblox CAN do that, it is also rare that it wouldn't. I got an account on roblox and it gave my laptop a virus. I got rid of the virus and roblox didn't give me a single problem after that. A person like you with your laptop broken, i would just play the game at a library instead or not at all.

Can roblox give you a virus?

no, but certain links do

What happens if you have a virus from roblox?

Don't worry, your anti-virus software can handle that.

Is there a way to not get virus for roblox?

There are no viruses on Roblox. does use cookies to help identify your computer. These are not harmful however and are not viruses.Unless, you ment by in-game viruses. They usually only cause lag.How_do_you_get_rid_of_the_'Infected'_script_on_Roblox

What is roblox's username?


What is a roblox game that begins with a you?

A ROBLOX game that begins with a you begins with a you!