Is roblox a game for kids to play?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes,and No.Roblox is a good game for kids,but roblox has nasty hackers who can do bad things,and kids who play roblox find ways to say bad things there is nothing wrong but what i said just now,so thats why you need to put your kids on privacy mode so lets say if your kid is 13+ he or she can do non privacy mode but kids younger than 13 have to do privacy no question about it so here are the rules at the bottom for privacy and non privacy


1.get to talk to other kids without privacy mode

2.get to have there owns stats

3.get to message other people

4.get to say there own sentence


opisite of non privacy mode

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I think that one person is right but also nooooooooooo they might say bad words but you say STOP NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND

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Q: Is roblox a game for kids to play?
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Is Roblox a hack?

Roblox is not a hack game it's a website for kids to play on

What is the most popular online kids games?

All i know is that Roblox is the third most popullar kids game online. Even I play it

How fun is roblox?

Its I Best Game I Have Ever Played, Its Best For Kids Aged 7+, ROBLOX Is Safe For Kids Of Any Age, Adults Are Welcome To Join AlsoI love roblox because you can create your own game, play other games, script and there is endless fun! it is very safe for kids but you will never get bored!

Why do you have to run something when you play roblox?

When you play Roblox the only thing that you have to run is Roblox itself. When you click to play a Roblox game the Roblox application launches an then connects you to the game. This must be ran as it is Roblox, and without it you would not be playing.

What is the most popular kids game on the computer?

Definitly Roblox

What is your favourite game to play?

My favourite game to play is Roblox.

How do you downlod Roblox?

You click on the game you want to play and Roblox will guide you to downloading the game.

Is Roblox a hack game?

Roblox is not a hack game it's a website for kids to play on

What chat games kids can play?

in Roblox .com

When your on roblox and you cant go to a game what do you do?

You have to download Roblox on the Roblox website. Just try to play a game and you will be redirected to a page that gives instructions on how to download and install the game.

How do you play a game on roblox that is removed?

You dont.

Does Harry Styles play Roblox?

Officially, this is unknown, but this is highly unlikely as Roblox is aimed towards kids and teenagers.