Is project exonaut fun

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes kind of, but it lags in the gameplay and their server's are not always working and the quality is horrible.

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Q: Is project exonaut fun
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Is Project Exonaut free?

Yes, it's also pretty fun too.

What are the passwords in project exonaut?

whate are passwords to pepeols project exonaut codes

Is project exonaut an mmorpg?


Do you have to download Project Exonaut?

my name is

Are there any cheats for project exonaut?


Are there any cheat codes for project exonaut?


How do you change your fraction on Project Exonaut on Cartoon Network?

easy, you cant

Do uou have to sign up for cartoon net work to play project exonaut?


Is it possible to have two project exonaut accounts with one Cartoon Network profile?

Umm.... No.

How do you cheat on the game project exonaut?

There is no such thing as cheating in P.E. Srry dude. D:

How do you get Jake in project exonaut?

BUy him of course, u can get him for 750 in hangar hope this helps

How do you play project exonaut if connection to the game server fails?

Apparently, you don't. We've gone through the training, registered, and tweaked every option - but no luck. We'be been trying to connect all day, and still no luck. Oooh, fun game. Not.