Is princess peach Italian

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is princess peach Italian
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Is princess peach based on barbie?

No Princess Peach is a Princess

Can you be any other person on super princess peach?

No. You can only be Princess Peach and nothing but Princess Peach.

How old was princess peach?

Princess peach is about 22

Who is prettier Princess Peach or Rosalina?

princess peach

What is princess peach's ethnicity?

Princess Peach is Norsk

Does link like princess peach?

Princess peach is not in Zelda it is princess Zelda.

Does princess peach is blond?

Yes, princess peach is blonde

Who does Princess Peach date?

Princess Peach dates Mario.

Who would win Padme or Princess Peach?


Who loves Luigi?

If you are talking about the Italian plumber of Mario Bros. fame, then the answer would be Princess Daisy. Note: Princess Peach seems to be Mario's girlfriend.

What princesses are in Mario?

Princess Peach and Princess Daisy

Is princess peach or cure peach better?

This is my opinion: Princess Peach is better. Anyone can say Cure Peach is better on That Princess Peach is better. So yeah U kinda get it