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there might be a platform racing 4 but no where soon because platform racing 3 hasn't and even came out yet its just the beta.its actruly going to come out very soon.Jiggmin just started making it.its coming out because sparkworkz knowen as lagworkz ruins it and its lagged :p.i was talking about pr3

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Q: Is platform racing 4 going to come out?
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When will platform racing 4 come out?

there will be one on will be out in july

Where can you play platform racing 4?

This game is not out yet.

When is platform racing 4 coming out?

In late 2012, they'll make a new platformer racing.

How do you get on platform racing 4 demo website?

You can't. It's not out.

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How do you get Birds feet platform racing 2?

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Where do you get the elephant head in platform racing 2?

You go on the server Derron and win the race: "Speed Meadow" against 4 players

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