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yes she is dead she died in 2008 on November that's why she hasn't been on there for ages someone probably got her accounti don't know maybe mistere and he just goes on it insteadof her misscasey is DEAD dead and gone so don't bother asking anymore

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Q: Is miss casey founder of zwinky dead?
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Who is Miss Casey on Zwinky?

She is the founder of zwinky!

Who is the owner of zwinky?

miss casey

Who owns zwinky?

Miss Casey is the owner and creator of Zwinky. The thing is, Miss Casey died from cancer a couple years back.As the people of zwinky say, if someone claims to be her, they're lying.

How do you get your zwinky back if someone got your password?

All You Have To Do Is Tell Miss Casey The Owner Of Zwinky.

Who is the richest zwinky?

miss casey was, until she died. but now its mistre. the guy, who now runs zwinky.

Invisbible on zwinky?

hi it was f8 now miss casey found out no more invizibility

Are there any zwinky cheats to get free furniture?

nopersz miss casey deleted all of the cheats

Who invented zwinky?

No, Tom only invented, and Myspace Latino. That's IT. Miss Casey invented zwinky. Their are rumors that she died :( because she hasn't been on in forever. So Mister E took over and now he runs Zwinky. :) He deleted lots of cheats, which I hate. I would like Miss Casey Back :(

Who made zwinky?

It took many computer smart game creaters to make such a thing as zwinky. The most famous people are Miss Casey and Mister E. those two people do have accounts and can be found in zwinky from time to time. :) thank u for having zwinky

Cheats for zwinky for money?

look f *ead there r no cheats for zwinky i repeat NO CHEATS so stop looking cause miss casey screwed them all up so forget it!!

Can you email misscasey from zwinky?

sry but miss casey died of cancer i think last year or a few years ago but u can message Mr. E idk hiz email ;\ but i kno 4 a fact miss casey died

What is miss caseys username on zwinky?

its Miss.Casey.