Is maple story worth playing anymore?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hmmm well, I've been playing maplestory for many years now (ever since global came out) and I still like it. School work is eating away at my free time so I can't play as often. But in general, if you never played it before, please go and try the game before you reject it. It's really fun and addicting.

If your not a new player, well, I look forward to playing maple for the friends I meet and new areas where I could explore. Yes, maple has changed quite a lot over the years and became less challenging and easier for new starters but it's what ever you decide that lacks. You could get bored of a specific job after long gameplay but there are many other classes you could try out to suit your entertainment needs.

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Q: Is maple story worth playing anymore?
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depend on stats actually

How much is the red gia cape worth in maple story?

If you sell it to an NPC, it could be worth something (3k mesos?) but otherwise, it's worthless.

Maple story how much is naricain jewel worth in windia?

i think they are like 25 mil or higher check the auctions for

How do you get a bf in maple story?

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Is maple story download for free?

Unless someone decides to host all the files on a server and everything or something else, no, you have to download all the files. somtimes it works if u download it then dlete download do aguin and aguin the log on somtimes that works it get on ur computer like stuck but no download

How Much is a 60 percent Scroll for Helmet for DEF worth in Maple Story?

Defense scrolls in general are not worth very much. 60% is worth even less as the payoff is very small (+2 DEF is not a lot!). I would say 30k for a 60% Helmet DEF.

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