Is level 7 solo on Black Opz Zombies good?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Meh! decent for a complete noob! I usually get around 18-20 when i play solo and about 30-40 online. train harder PS3 user: Claytor98

Don't listen to that jerk, dude. It depends on whether you have moved through a few rooms or if you stayed in the room you started in. If you moved throughout different doors in the level, then that's not bad, but if you stayed in one area until they overwhelmed you, then you suck.

Luckily i moved rooms then aye?

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Q: Is level 7 solo on Black Opz Zombies good?
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Is level 12 solo on Black Ops Zombies good?

It's only okay, considering your probably not a black ops nerd. 15 to 20 is very good for a recriational player.

Do zombies in black ops never end?

I'm not sure, but the highest level in solo that I reached was 46.

Can you play nazi zombies by yourself on call duty black ops?

yeah if you press zombies then solo

What are the cheats for black ops solo zombies ps3?

3arc unlock

What does the quick revive do on solo on black ops zombies?

when you die the game revives you

How much hounds spawn on cod black ops zombies?

depends on if you a solo or on team or multiplayer on solo you get hardlyt any on team you get more than you do on solo

Is getting to level thirteen on the original nazi zombies solo good?

if its your first time that's not to bad but otherwise its not that great, my highest is 32 and i know people that have gotten 50+

Do you have to start from level 1 every time you die in Call of Duty Black OPS Zombie mode?

if you are on black ops 1 solo yes unles you have quick revive it will revive you in black ops 1 zombies multiplayer no if at least 1 player is alive you can also be revived after dying in black ops 2 solo you can start from round 1 , 5 , 10 or 20 in black ops 2 multiplayer zombies yes unles at least 1 is alive you can be riveved

What is the longest round in nazi zombies black ops that anyone has gone?

Spiderbite NGT got to 128 Acension Solo

Who do you play as in black ops zombies?

If you play zombies solo on kino der toten you could either be Tank Dempsey, Edward Richtofen, Nikolai Belinski, or Takeo Masaki. when you play solo its at random, so when you play with 4 people either one can be with one of them.

Can you play nazi zombies on solo?

yes, you can

Do you need online for call of duty black ops zombies?

No, you can do offline solo/split screen or online with three other players.