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no i have entei and i never battled an unown

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Q: Is it true that you can summon Entei by catching all the unowns in soul silver?
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Do you get Entei if you spell Entei with Unowns?

No, you do not.

What happens once you have caught Suicune Entei and Raikou on Soul Silver?

Nothing happens. you get the pride of catching them.

Is there a reward for catching all 28 unowns on Pokemon platinum?

Mabey I have got all 28 Unknowns But nothing happens I thought you were supposed to get A Pokemon etc. Entei,Raikou,Suicune,Moltres, and zapdos.

Can you get a second chance to catch entei?

yes you can get a second chance at catching Entei i did

Do you need to catch motres in Pokemon fire red to catch Entei?

No, you can catch Entei without catching Moltres.

Where can you catch a Dialga in Pokemon pearl?

You can by using this glitch and without any action replay.First go to selceon and next to it there will be the unown caves go there bring a lot of dusk balls then catch all the unowns then go back to celestic town go in the cave where you'll see an entei there talk to him he'll bring you to dialga after catching dialga entei wants to fight with you then catch him.

What to do after catching mew two in Pokemon FireRed?

Capture Entei/Raikou/Suicune.

How do you get Entei on Pokemon emerald?

Entei is only attainable in gold, silver, heart gold, and soul silver versions. If you wish to own one in emerald, your only options are to either use a game shark, or trade Entei over from gold, silver, heart gold, or soul silver versions. Not true you can capture entei in firered or leafgreen and Pokemon colosseum trade one from those games to emerald.

What Pokemon in Pokemon silver knows headbutt when you catch it?


Can you get Entei on Pokemon Emerald?

Sorry... Just... get Gold or Silver and trade.

How do you get a shiny Entei on silver?

Its easy, all you need to do is catch Lugia and the 3 like entei then take them to the dragons den, surf, then catch a dratini.

Pokemon platinum how to get entie?

Transfer the entei from Heart Gold or Soul Silver.