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yes, but not to any of the old games, only between other silver versions, gold versions, or crystal versions.

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Q: Is it possible trade eggs in Pokemon Silver?
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Can Pokemon eggs be traded in Pokemon gold silver crystal?

yes you can transfer a egg by link cable in the versions gold/silver/crystal. but u cant trade eggs to red/blue/yellow/green.

What are spin trades in Pokemon soul silver?

Spin trades are when you and another person trade eggs. Spin trades can be used to get all starter Pokemon.

What is Pokemon platinum spin trade?

you trade eggs.

Can you trade Pokemon eggs?

Yes,you can.

Is it possible to keep a pokemon level 1 in Pokemon Silver?

No, you can't get a Pokemon that is level 1 even from Eggs. They turn out to be level 5. And you can't possibly get a level 1 in the wild either, so no it isn't possible.

Can you trade eggs from Pokemon FireRed to Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you breed legendary Pokemon eggs on soul silver?

You can't breed legendary Pokemon eggs on Pokemon SoulSilver or on any Pokemon game.

What is the time capsule in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no time capsule in Pokemon Pearl version. It's only in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. You can still trade Pokemon through the Union Room or the Global Trade Station in Pearl version, though. :)

What is the action replay code for Pokemon diamond to be able to trade eggs to another game?

there is no action replay code to trade eggs.

Where do you trade pokeon eggs in the Pokemon center?

In the union room.

Can you hatch bad eggs in Pokemon platinum?

no. it is not possible, all eggs are the same except that they hold different pokemon.

How do you get legendary Pokemon eggs in Pokemon soul silver?

it is impossible except for when you have cheats in Pokemon pearl,platinum,diamond