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It depends.

It seriously depends what cheat you used. If, for example, you used the shinies cheat, and you saved the game, your Pokemon will remain permanently shiny unless somebody invents an "unshiny" code or something. But if you used "Walk through walls" and saved,and you didn't select that cheat next time, nothing will happen to your game.

I'd stop using cheats though. They ruin the game.

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Q: Is it possible to undo an action replay code in Pokemon diamond?
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no it is not possible to have a dialga doll even if you have an action replay

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This is not possible, sorry.

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Action replay

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i have Pokemon diamond, and played 600 hours. its not possible. but you can catch a ditto, and make Pokemon eggs.

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Action replay is not an Pokémon item that can be obtained in Diamond.

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Go to

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no you have to get is from an action replay or go to a Pokemon event

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action replay

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its a cheat

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action replay

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Action replay.