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yes you can download a psx(ps1) emulator from the internet with some others which should be instructed and pop the disc in and wham!

Like the person on the top said, a emulator works well and some sites also have free PS1 game downloads too! Check torrents if you want too. is a good torrent site, I recommend it.

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Q: Is it possible to play ps1 games on a windows XP?
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Is it possible to play PS2 Games on a PS1 If so how?

no the ps1 is not formatted to do so.

Is it possible to play ps1 games on the ps3?

Yes they are all supposed to play select ps1 titles

Can you play PS1 and play PS2 games?

Yes if you have a Ps2 which can play both or, if you have a Ps1 you can only play the Ps1 game

How does the PS2 play PS1 Games?

With a emulator for the PS1

How do you convert PC games to ps1 games?

Games must be redesigned and arr not converted. The PS1 can not play PC games and does not have the capability to play PC games through emulation programs that can be used by a PC to play PS1 games

How do you play ps1 games on mac?

With a emulator program for the PS1

Can you play GTAin PS1?

There are three GTA games on the PS1.

Can you play PS1 games on your PC using the original game disc On a windows XP computer with SP3?

I don't think that you can.

Do you get the same graphics quality of playstation2 games while playing it on playstation1 system?

If you are talking about playing a ps2 game in a ps1, this is not possible. The ps1 cannot play ps2 games because of the fact that the quality of the ps2 game is to high for the ps1.

Is it possible to play ps1 games on a DVD player?

No it is not. A DVD player is not a game console and plays DVDs

Can ps1 games play on PS3?

Yes, PS1 games are playable on all models of the PS3.

Can a sony playstation 1 play DVD's?

No, a ps1 can only play ps1 games and CD's.