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Why,yes! It is possible. I bought minecraft and gave the password to my firend and we play at the same time. But im not sure what you mean by using it for your brothers, like, using it at one computer, or are your brothers distant?

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Q: Is it possible to only have to buy minecraft once and use it for you and your brothers?
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Do you pay only once to buy minecraft?

Yes. Once you buy Minecraft, you do not have to make things such as monthly payments for the game.

Is Minecraft a monthly subscription?

No, you only pay once for it.

Do you only have to pay once for minecraft server slots?


How do you get Minecraft 3.1?

Not possible, for now. Its only Minecraft 1.3.1 now, I bet Minecraft 3 will be released around 20 years later.

How do you craft a diamond shotgun in MineCraft?

It is only a mod. it is not possible, sorry.

Is it possible to get a Minecraft mod for the free version of Minecraft?

only certain mods will work on the free version of Minecraft Awesome! I've just received my free minecraft giftcode! >> <<

Is there a way in minecraft to ride the ender dragon?

No however in a new update it may be possible. The only rideable mob in minecraft is a pig.

How much money does Minecraft make in a month ?

You only pay for minecraft once, and that price is $26.95. However, if you are having a minecraft server, you have to pay $10 a month.

Is it possible to use minecraft's demo mode to play multiplayer?

No, you can only play singleplayer.

Do you pay once for Minecraft?

Yes. Once you buy Minecraft, you never have to pay again unless you want to donate to a multiplayer server. But, most multiplayer servers are not affiliated with Mojang. You need only to buy the actual game once.

How do you change minecraft name?

You can't yet. I'm afraid. the only way possible just now is to register a brand new account with minecraft.

Is single player minecraft possible on version 0.3.2 alpha?

Why would you be using 0.3.2 alpha Minecraft? Back then Singleplayer was the only thing you could do.