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No, you cannot change your ID number. It is randomly chosen for you when you create a save file in the game. You have no choice in choosing or changing it.

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Q: Is it possible to change your trainer ID on Pokemon HeartGold?
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Can you change the time in Pokemon HeartGold?

Yes, you can. Pokemon HeartGold uses the time from your DS settings. So, change the time on the DS and the time in Pokemon HeartGold will change with it.

How do you change gears on your bike in Pokemon HeartGold?

Unfortunately, you can't change gears on bikes in HeartGold.

Can you change the language on the Japanese Pokemon heartgold version?


Can you rename a pokemonin HeartGold?

In Goldenrod city, there is a tent where the name rater is. Talk to him to rename your Pokemon. However, you cannot change the names of any Pokemon you have traded in or migrated from another game. You can purchase an Action Replay DS / DSi/ 3DS and change any Pokemon name even if its not your Pokemon under your Trainer ID.

How do you change language on Pokemon HeartGold?

Pokémon HeartGold isn't out yet. And anyway you can't change language in a Pokémon game.

How do you change the names of Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

go to golden rod and look for a tent where a man can change your pokemon's name

How do you change your trainer screenname in the Pokemon trainer club?

I believe you can change your "username," but not your screen name." It's unfortunate.

How do you change your appearance on Pokemon Black and White?

You go on your trainer card you can change which type of trainer you can be and that will automatically change your appearence when in a battle.

Can you change the language on Pokemon HeartGold?

No. You can't change languages. Even in SoulSilver.

How do you change the day settings in Pokemon HeartGold?

You have to change the time on your DS in settings.

Where do you change fossils in to pokemon in heartgold?

Pewter mueseum :D

How can one change the name of an event Pokemon in HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You can't, as with all traded Pokemon, you can't change their name.