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On every Pokemon game, there is a name changer. He will allow you to change your Pokemon's name, either with a small fee, or free of charge.

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Q: Is it possible to change name on Pokemon Platinum?
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How can you change the name of your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Find the name rater.

How do you change the OT in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot change an OT name in Pokémon Platinum.

Where can you change your pokemons name in Pokemon Platinum?

Eterna City.

Why can't the name of my chatot change on pokemon platinum?

It was probably traded

How do you change a Pokemon's nickname in Pokemon Platinum?

Evolve your pokemon them it will turn to it original name. To change the nickname go to the Name Rater in Eterna City. If you can't change the name, the Pokemon is probably traded. If you want to change the name of a traded Pokemon, trade it back to it's original game and change the name.

How do you change your pokemons name in Pokemon Platinum?

You go to the name rater. he'll say some stuff then ask if you want a better nickname say yes and change the name. you cant change the name of traded pokemon.

New Pokemon in Pokemon platinum?

yes there is a new Pokemon in Pokemon platinum. its name is Arcues.

How do you change your name in Pokemon platinum?

Unless you restart the game, it s impossible to change your name If you are talking about you pokemons name go to name raters house

Where can you change the nickname of your Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

Go to the house next to the Poke Mart in Eterna City. Talk to the old man and he will change your pokemon's nickname. Sadly, you cannot change the name of trade pokemon.

Is there a Pokemon Platinum Action Replay code to change a Pokémon's name?

There's a code for everything.

Were do you change a Pokémon's name in Pokemon Platinum?

In one of the houses on the right of the ocean in Canalave City.

In Pokemon Platinum where is the name changer?

In eterna city he is a old man in an apartment building he claims he is a name rater select the Pokemon to rate the name then he asks you if you want to change it