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of course it is!!

Video Games ROKKKKKKK! its not like ur moving or anything....unless u hav the wii XD

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Q: Is it ok to play video games when you're sick?
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Should you play active video games if you are sick?

you can if you are up for it.

If you get sick of video games will you ever play them again?

give it 6 months and play it again

What are some fun things to do at home sick?

Find a website on the computer where you can play board games against the computer. Read a good book. Play video games

Is it better to play video games or watch tv when your sick?

Watching T.V. doesn't take as much energy to do as playing video games, and when you're sick you need to conserve as much energy as you can. but video games don't really drain that much more energy, you just have to think more. If you're really sick or just had surgery, you should stick to T.V.

You are sick and you are bored what can you do?

play video games, sleep, eat stuff, you don't exactly need a masters degree.

Can you have a seeger from video games?

No because you can't have one from video games but you can have one if you get hit on the head or if you get really sick but its not possible for someone to have a seeger from video games.

What to do for fun when your sick? Watch T.V. Watch a movie Play video games Shred Paper (only partially kidding!) Take a nap Go on

Do violent video contribute to youth violence YES?

Honestly no. I am quite sick of that statement I play violent games all the time am I serial killer no. Listen violent people are violent before they buy violent video games and non violent people people that buy violent video games do not turn in to ravenous murderers. I see violent video games as an outlet for anger for some people which reduces violence in real life. so NO

What are Blinkies?

Blinkies are toys you can play with. You feed them make them well when their sick and play fun games

Are video games good for sick children?

It depends sometimes playing video games can make headaches etc. worse however it certainly would cheer up a sick child to buy them a new game. you should but tell them to tell you if it gets worse.

How do you cheer up if your sick on your birthday?

Don't overdo yourself. Instead, watch a good movie, read a book, watch your favorite TV shows, or watch your favorite youtube videos. Play video games!

Things to do when you are sick?

Im also sick ive been making a list 1. Create an imaginary friend 2. Make a fort 3. Draw 4. Take Pictures 5. Watch T.V/Movies 6. Go on the computer 7. Sleep 8. Play WII/video games 9. Play on Phone