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yes he is in love with Amy cahill.

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He was but now he’s in love with Cara Pierce

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Q: Is ian kabra in love with Amy cahill?
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Will Amy cahill and ian kabra kiss?

They already did!

Will Amy Cahill and Ian Kabra marry?

In the "39 Clues" series by Rick Riordan, Amy Cahill and Ian Kabra do not get married. They maintain a close partnership and friendship as they continue their adventures together.

Do Amy cahill and ian kabra like each other?


Who is Amy cahill's boyfriend?

Ian Kabra. They break up.

Why does Ian Kabra fall in love with Amy Cahill?

because Ian thinks Amy and Dan will be the ones that will get the final clue and wants to be with them. Also, Ian once described that he thinks Amy was shy and gentle. LOL

Does the 7 book have anything about ian kabra and Amy cahill?

Yes, but they don't actually meet eachover.

Do Ian Kabra and Amy Cahill like each other after book 8?

it is not directly stated but in a word yes

Who is Ian Kabra?

Ian Kabra is one of the "Cahill Cousins" in The 39 Clues book series.

How did Amy Cahill and Ian Kabra kiss?

Amy Cahill and Ian Kabra share a kiss in the book "In Too Deep" by Jude Watson. While stranded on a sinking ship, Ian promises to give Amy his locket, a family heirloom, if they make it out alive. Amy, to make the promise official, seals it with a kiss.

Who is in the lucian branch of the cahill family?

Irina Spasky, Ian Kabra, Natalie Kabra

Do Amy Cahill And Ian Kabra end up going out?

No they don't. Amy is with Evan and seems happy but I hope that they break up. A King's Ransom comes out in December so maybe they'll have some romance then.

Does Amy Cahill like Ian Kabra?

in book 3 it seems like he likes her but then he betrays her but in other books you can tell that he fell for her too