Is ho oh legendary

Updated: 4/28/2022
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yes he is

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Q: Is ho oh legendary
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Is Ho-oh legendary?

of course it is

Is there a baby Ho-oh?

No legendary can breed!

Is Ho-oh a legendary poke'mon?


What type of Pokemon is Ho-oh?

A rainbow legendary pokémon, Ho-Oh is a fire-flying type.

Who is Ho-oh?

The Legendary Rainbow bird Fire.

Who created the 3 legendary dogs?

ho-oh did

I chase three legendary dogs but you cant find Ho-oh?

the dogs don't lead you to ho-oh.

What legendary Pokemon is after Ho-oh in Pokemon blue?

Well none since ho-oh isn't in blue

Who is the 4 legendary Pokemon?

Articuno, Lugia, Ho-oh and Mewtwo are the Legendary Pokemons

Is mew the same as Ho-oh?

No. ho-oh is a bird. Mew is a whassamalacallithingamabobwhatever. they're both legendary pokies though.

What Sinnoh legendary Pokemon are in HeartGold?

its ho oh i think

What is Ho-oh's ability?

Pressure, Like Most Legendary