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'Herobrine' is a minecraft urban myth, and does not exist outside of mods for the PC version.

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Q: Is herobrine still in minecraft xbox 360 after title update 7?
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When is the Minecraft Xbox 360 title update 12 coming out?

i can guess late july

When will the next seecret Friday update be on minecraft?

Secret Friday updates have been stopped, although there is a large update coming soon adding wolfs to the game. UPDATE: It is actually completely random, if you check the splashes list in the minecraft.jar (Start Menu> Search: %appdata%> Roaming> .minecraft>bin>minecraft.jar>title>splashes) you can look through the list and see that one of them is in fact, Seecret Friday update! Once here you can also edit the list and put in your own stuff:D

Is their a Minecraft title for 3DS?

No. No there is not.

When is the Minecraft Xbox 360 title update 9 coming out?

The date was finally confirmed and released, it is Wednesday, March 13. In the related links below, once you click the link at the bottom of the page, it has the date.

When does minecraft title update 9 come out?

If you are talking about the xbox 360 addition, it might come out today.Im not sure what time though.but there will be "the end",colored wood,wooden buttons,spawn eggs,and more!

How do you get the title screen on Minecraft to list installed mods?

Minecraft Forge lists you all mods in minecraft and Forge

How do you change your title color on Minecraft?

You can't unless you have a mod, hacking into Minecraft, or have a texture pack.

Who called the game Minecraft Minecraft?

Markus Persson, or Notch, was the original creator of Minecraft, therefore it was he who gave the game its title. It was originally to be called "Cave Game".

Can you save in minecraft pocket edition?

Yes. Press quit to title and it will save.

Is deleting title update 4 on black ops bad?

VERY! what ever you did undo it

How do you quit on the full version of Minecraft?

press escape, and click on "Save and Quit to Title"

What was the original title for minecraft?

Cave game, this is stated on 'game' on