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there is NO splitscreen and it is for Xbox 360

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Q: Is enemy territory quake wars on split screen for x box 360?
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How do you get enemy of the state title mw2 on split screen?

I think you cant because in split screen you cant go vs 3 enemies but I wonder if there is a different possibility

How do you get ai players on black ops?

You simply go onto options in the pre-game lobby, then set the amount of enemy, or friendly AI players you want. This is available on combat training(online only) and split screen(but it doesn't have to be split screen) Hope I helped :)

How do you do split screen cod5?

Go to multiplayer, then go to split screen.

Is codmw2 split screen online?

No only on campaign is split screen

Does dead space 2 have split screen on the multiplayer mode?

no split-screen

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas how to play split screen?

you can have split screen off line , but can not have two people playing on xboxlive with split screen.

Does Nazi zombies black ops have split screen?

yes nazi zombies does have split screen i only know how to get you to split screen zombies on black ops so if you have world at war then i dont know but anyways once your at the main menu go to zombie mode then split screen and there you have zombies on split screen!

Does Assassins Creed 3 have split screen?

No, you cannot do split screen but you can take turns

What is a split screen?

A split screen is where your screen has some thing going on on one side and something else going on on the other.

What was the outcome of Polk's expansionist policies in the Oregon Territory?

The Oregon Territory was split between the United States and Britain.

Does wii black ops have a split screen?

no. sadly the wii is to cheap to support split screen

Is Alien vs Predator co op or split screen?

There is no co-op or split screen.