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Downloading minecraft is not illegal, Although downloading a cracked version of the software is.

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Q: Is downloading Minecraft for free illegal?
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What do you open free download of Minecraft with?

Downloading Minecraft for free is illegal, and WikiAnswers will not provide guidance regarding illegal actions.

Is downloading the free version of Minecraft illegal?

If it is the classic version that is free anyway on the site it is not illegal. if it is the proper minecraft that has survival and you download it free it is not illegal BUT it is illegal if you play it without a payed account. just because other people have it it does not make it illegal.

Minecraft DOWNLOAD Problems?

You are unable to download Minecraft for free unless you download it by pirating it which may be illegal in your country. However, you may purchase this product at for quite a good price. More information can be found on their website!

Is downloading mine craft illegal?

Download it off and buy Minecraft for your account. Be sure to watch the videos. And its not illegal if you download it of the official Minecraft site.

How do you know when downloading music is illegal?

if its free...

What happens after a year when you have a free minecraft account?

It's illegal to download Minecraft for free. WikiAnswers will not provide guidance for illegal actions.

Is downloading free mixtapes illegal?

no because there usually free anyway

Is downloading finale notepad for free illegal?

yes it is

Is downloading minecraft illegal in the US?

yes. any minecraft download that is not paid for from the minecraft website is illegal

Is the download for Minecraft free?

No: it cost about 30 dollars, if downloading it from .

How ca you get Minecraft for free on your Chromebook without downloading it?

on juegosjuegos-com

Is Minecraft Crack a virus?

Cracked versions of Minecraft, or any software for that matter, are illegal. By downloading or playing cracked Minecraft, you are breaking the law and at risk of criminal prosecution.