Is dark link a girl

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Do you think Link is a girl? Dark Link is Link's evil shadow, who will be the same gender as Link.

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Q: Is dark link a girl
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Who battles dark link in ocarina of time link or Zelda?

Well obviously link! Zelda is a girl lol

What is the real name of dark magician girl?

The Dark Magician Girl is the Spirit Ka of Mana. She was the apprentice of Mahad, who is now the Dark Magician.For more information about Mana, click on the "Related Link" below.

Is Dark Link the same person as Link?

yes and no dark link represents the evil side to normal link meaning that everyone has a dark side or dark side

How old is dark link?

The same age as Link. Dark Link is an evil clone of Link, so they are exactly the same except for the fact that Dark Link is a baddie.

Is dark link bad?

yes, dark link is bad.

Is dark link gay?

yes he is because he is the opposite of link so since link is not gay dark link is!

How could Link not be evil but the same person as Dark Link?

dark link is links dark side, showing that no matter how good you are, every one has a dark side

Who is stronger Link or dark link?

dark link is naturally stronger but if normal link has the master sword, normal link is stromger

Is Link the same person as Dark Link?

Yes, he is the same person but the only difference is that Link is in the dark version but your answer is yes. Dark Link is the same as normal link the only change is the collar.

What is Dark Link's fairy's name?

Tael is Dark Link's fairy's name.

Are link and dark link in love?


How do you be dark link?

There is no way to be Dark Link in a Zelda game. Buy SuperSmashBrosBrawl, and choose Link's black outfit.