Is broly evil

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Duh broly is evil he is the most powerful legendary super saiyan. And the reason he is evil and mad at goku is because when Broly and Goku were both babies they had beds next to each other when they were little babies goku kept crying and disturbed Broly from his sleep. Also if your wondering why Broly is power the doctors in DBZ said he was born with a power level of 10,000 and kept training. After a few days of Paragus (broly's father) and broly's banishment from planet Vegeta, Broly kept getting out of control with rage.

And their you have it that is why broly is evil hope this helps also you should just rent the movie on DVD and just watch it to find out the story of Broly

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Q: Is broly evil
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Is buu better than broly?

No. Buu maybe stronger than Broly in all forms. They both have the personality of Pure evil.

Why is Broly evil?

Broly is evil because he was attacked in outer space trying to protect his father but unfortunately his father died and he got so angry he just wanted to destroy every thing

Broly vs Goku is what episode?

Broly does not fight goku in any EPISODES but he does in the movies. Broly the legendary super sayian Broly second coming Bio Broly Bio Broly is not considered to have Broly in it, a man has found Broly's blood creating Broly A Broly clone

Is Broly evil or good?

Broly is typically portrayed as more of an antagonist in the Dragon Ball series, as he often acts aggressively and violently. However, his character can sometimes be more complex, with motivations and actions that may blur the lines between good and evil. Ultimately, his alignment can depend on the specific storyline or portrayal.

Is future Trunks broly?

No, Future Trunks is future Trunks. Broly is Broly

Who is stronger Kenshiro or Broly?


Who would win broly or neo?


What movies does Goku fights broly?

goku fights broly in movie 8 or when goten and gohan fought him, but broly still comes back as bio broly.

How can you get broly in dbz raging blast?

you have to fight the first battle in the broly saga goku vs broly

Broly vs Tetsuo Shima Who will win?


How much does broly weigh?

broly is capable of greatg power. Broly second coming, he in his ssj form jumps into the ground greating a sand hole like dent. Its hard to tell. Broly has a hulk body like in his Lssj form, heres my suggestions Normal Broly= 200lbs ssj broly= 200 plus lbs LSSJ BROLY= 900lbs

What episodes of Dragon Ball Z are the broly fights?

He's in the following movies in the following order- Broly-the Legendary super saiyan, Broly-second coming, Bio-Broly.