Is ampharos any good

Updated: 4/28/2022
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if you train it well than it will be good.

OK ampharos is a good Pokemon it looks weak but it is strong. Now you're probably wondering what moves he/she should learn well to have a nicely balanced ampharos it should know:

Charge beam/zap cannon

Thunder punch

power gem

signal beam

Oh you might want to give it a zap plate to boost your charge beam a little bit

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Q: Is ampharos any good
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What is a good nickname for an ampharos?

A good nickname for Ampharos would be Pharoh, Amphy, Lil Ros, or Zap. I named my Ampharos "SheepSpeed".

Does ampharos evolve?

Ampharos does not evolve.

Is this a good team Lucario Charizard poliwrath flygon swampert ampharos?


Is ampharos good?

Very good! It can learn really cool moves and is very loyal.

Pokemon soulsilver is this a good team ampharos typhlosion Gyarados pinsir?


Where can you get an ampharos?

You can get it by evolving your mareep into a flaffy, then a flaffy into an ampharos.

What type of Pokemon is Ampharos?

Ampharos is an Electric type pokemon.

Is feraligtr starmie Arcanine honchkrow ampharos and Scizor a good team on Pokemon heartgold?


Is Ninetails Ampharos Milotic Lucario Thyranitar and flygon a good team in Pokemon?

yes it is

Where can you find a ampharos on Pokemon soul silver?

The only way you can get an ampharos is to catch a mareep then level it up to level 30. You can catch a mareep on Route 32, 42 or 43. Good luck ^^

How do you get Amphy?

catch mareep, then evolve it into flaaffy, then evolve it into ampharos. amphy is ampharos.

What happens if your female ampharos really likes the ampharos in the lighthouse?

Nothing will happen.