Is a phoenix a type of dragon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, not really

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Q: Is a phoenix a type of dragon?
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Who will Win Phoenix or dragon?

the phoenix

Who wins phoenix or dragon?


What is the strongest monster on monster rancher3?

Black phoenix combine a legendary dragon and a phoenix together and you get a phoenix

Who is stronger Phoenix gearfried or stardust dragon?

Phoenix Gearfried wins in terms of attack power, but Stardust Dragon is certainly the better and the more practical of the two.

What are the translations of 'Phoenix' and 'dragon' into runes?

There fat XD

The Phoenix dragon motifs clouds landscapes and trees in the Persian art reflect what artistic styles?

The Phoenix dragon in the Persian art reflect the alebrijes artistic styles

How do you get a Phoenix sword from AQworlds?

you fight red dragon with dragon slayer (RNK.4 or more) till you get it

Where is the Phoenix warbird?

you can buy it at dragon cove for 1000000 doubloons

What food is phoenix known for?

a Chinese soup of seafood and chicken

What mythical creature is the opposite of the Phoenix?

I do not know its antithesis, but there are two possibilities. One is the peacock, which symbolizes the same things the phoenix does (the sun and the moon (the cosmos); life, death, and rebirth), but the peacock symbolizes vanity, whereas the phoenix does not, at least not to my knowledge. The other is the dragon, though the dragon represents the emperor and the phoenix represents the empress, representing the yin/yang, even though the dragon is a more sinister symbol in most cases, but despite this, the dragon and phoenix are both blissful lovers and mortal enemies. Now, if you want the inversion, it might possibly be the peacock, not the dragon (since the dragon is mostly the antithesis of the griffin or elephant). Another potentiality might be the vulture, but I do not know,

Who would win - a Phoenix or a dragon?

dragon will because their more powerful, wiser, smarter, bigger, have elves riding them, have more magic we don't know of then just breathing a mouthful of fire. Phoenix can reborn but but have u have ever thought of it's head being ripped off. So technically a dragon.

What is the rarest silly band besides a Phoenix?

The double-headed dragon.