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its a robot. but, when you kill them you will see blood. if you look closely at their face, you will see a robot face like its eyes. it has paddings shuving into the face on the cheeks. if that were a human, they would be dead.

Also, they were leftover dead bodys from the battles. the Spetnaz (Russian Army) used them to make Juggernauts. like WAW Nazi Zombies you could get juggernaut. it makes you stronger. like the juggernauts. they are STRONG and hard to KILL. so, I explained that juggernauts are robots

RAMIREZ! TAKE OUT THAT JUGGERNAUT WITH A FEATHER! people make these rumors about somebody named ramirez, when his sarge, Sgt. Foley,always says RAMIREZ! TAKE OUT THAT HELI!! RAMIREZ! TAKE OUT THOSE S.A.M. SITES! So, Bye

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Q: Is a juggernaut a human or a robot in modern warfare 2?
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