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Yes, a bathroom would still be a bathroom if it didn't have a bath in it. For example, a bathroom might have a walk in shower in it instead of a bathtub. This is still a bathroom.

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Q: Is a bathroom called a bathroom if it didn't have a bath?
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What do they call a bathroom in Ireland?

A bathroom is called a bathroom in Ireland. What is meant when you say "Bathroom" in Ireland is a room that has a bath. In some countries, it can mean a room that does not have a bath, but does have a toilet. Some countries are a bit uncomfortable about using the word toilet and so they use the word bathroom even when it does not have a bath in it. There is no problem about using the word toilet in Ireland, so a room without a bath, but with a toilet in Ireland is called a toilet. In Ireland, calling a room a bathroom when it does not have a bath in it, does not make sense. If there is a bath and a toilet in the room, then it is called a bathroom. Even then, someone might say they are going to the toilet, when their intention is to relieve themselves.

What is a bathroom with only a toilet and a sink called?

A water closet or a 1/2 Bath

What is a 2 piece bathroom?

Generally called a half bath. Sink and toilet, no tub or shower.

Does a full bath require a bathtub and a shower?

A full bath is a bathroom with a toilet and bathtub/shower. A half bath is either a bathroom with only a toilet, or a bathroom with only a bathtub/shower. A full bath doesn't require a bathtub and a shower.

What does a premier bath contain?

A premier bath contains a surround that can be put into your existing bathroom. It will slip over your bath tub and you will end up with a new shower and bathroom.

What is some thing in a bathroom?

A bath.

What are something found in a bathroom?


Is the Pirate Bath Collection Bathroom Accessories best for a little boys bathroom?

The Pirate Bath Collection would be fantastic for a little boy's bathroom. The collection would make bath time more fun for the little matey!

Where did they use the bathroom at the louvre?

They didnt.

What is the bathroom without a tub called in the entrance of a home?

If it has a toilet, sink, and shower, it is a 3/4 bath. If it has a toilet and sink, it is a half bath. If it has only a toilet, it is a latrine.

What does it mean to take a dip in the bathroom?

It means to take a bath tube bath

How did the bathroom get its name?

You take a bath in this room.