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I'd recommend the Helix Fossil over the Dome Fossil. This is going to be a long explanation, so bear with me.

Both the Helix Fossil and Dome Fossil can be revived to form Omastar and Kabutops respectively, which are Rock and Water type. As you should know, move types that match with the Pokemon type get a 50% power boost (known as STAB, Same-Type Attack Bonus). For 3rd Generation Pokemon Games, Rock type moves' damage are calculated with Attack, while Water type attacks are calculated with Special Attack. Water type moves shouldn't be taught to Kabutops, as Kabutops' stats focuses on attack. There aren't any powerful Rock-type attacks that Kabutops can learn in FireRed. Because Omastar's stronger offense is Special Attack, it shouldearn Surf and Hydro Pump, both of which are quite strong Special attacks that Omastar can learn.

If you're looking to migrate Pokemon to 4th Generation Games, then either can be chosen, as 4th Generation introduced a powerful Rock-type attack, Stone Edge and different Battle mechanics.

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Q: Is a Helix or Dome Fossil better in Pokemon FireRed?
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Which fossil is the omyante in Pokemon FireRed?


What is better helix or doom fossil on Pokemon FireRed?

Dome Fossil is Kabuto and the Helix Fossile is Omanyte, Both Water/Rock types.

Is dome fossil or helix fossil better on Pokemon fire red?

If you choose the Helix Fossil it can be revived into an omanyte. The Dome Fossil can be revived into a kabuto. I suggest you pick based on what pokemon you like better.

Can you have a dome and helix fossil in FireRed?

Yeah you can. You can ask a friend who has one of the Kanto Games to trade a Pokemon holding the fossil and you can regenerate it, breed another Pokemon of the fossil it regenerates, then trade back!

What pokemon do you get from the helix fossil in Pokemon LeafGreen?

The helix fossil, when revived, will become Omanyte.

What is in the helix fossil in Pokemon Red?

The Pokémon Omanyte is in the helix fossil.

Is there a legendey Pokemon in mount moon in Pokemon?

no but you can get a dome fossil or helix fossil the dome fossil is kabuto and the helix is omyante

What is the helix fossil on Pokemon Blue?

When you clone the helix fossil later on in the game, the Helix Fossil can be regenerated into an Omanyte. The Dome fossil can be regenerated into a Kabuto.

What does the Helix Fossil in Pokemon Yellow do?

tThe Helix Fossil evolves int Omanyte

What Pokemon is in helix fossil?

the Pokemon that comes out of helix fossil is omantye,which it then involves into omastyer or whatever it's name is because i forgot how to spell it.Anyhow the Pokemon that comes out of helix fossil is omantye.

Which fossils are which in Pokemon FireRed?

Dome Fossil = Kabuto (Lv 40, evolves to Kabutops) Helix Fossil = Omanyte (Lv 40, evolves to Omastar) Old Amber = Aerodactyl

Which fossil is which in Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Pokemon LeafGreen, the Dome Fossil can be revived into Kabuto, and the Helix Fossil can be revived into Omanyte.