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On Monday September 17 2012 they begin there 30th season and sometime during the year Sony Pictures Television will announce a new contact for Pat Sajak and Vanna White to do a few more years of the program

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Q: Is Wheel of Fortune going off the air?
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Who was the youngest person to be on Wheel of Fortune?

There was a Wheel of Fortune spin off called Wheel 2000 (see related Link) that allowed kids from 10 to 15 to be on the program. On the regular Wheel of Fortune I remember a Girl and her friend both won cars and yet were too young to be able to Drive. Contestants on Wheel of Fortune are not like the Contestants on Jeopardy where you are given the full name and age. On Wheel of Fortune that information is rarely given so it would be impossible to determine who the youngest or oldest players were unless it was released. Even the show might not have complete records of the over 16,000 past contestants of the nighttime Wheel of Fortune Syndicated TV Show. Records might not even exist for the 30,000 total contestants from the Daytime and Nighttime programs.

What happens if you are trying to apply for your Wheel of Fortune spin id and get cut off?

If your application terminates before your ID is issued, but you are prevented from re-applying, contact the customer service department.

How many shows does Wheel of Fortune tape at a time?

Contestants have stated that they tape a week's worth at a time. Since they show runs Monday to Friday that would be 5 Shows. The Wheel of Fortune site has said that they tape 5 episodes a day for a week and then take 3 weeks off from taping new shows. That would add up to 8 weeks of taping per season. So they tape 25 shows at a time over the period of a week or 5 shows on the same day

Did Vanna ever trip while walking on Wheel of Fortune?

No Vanna White has never tripped while walking on Wheel of Fortune, this has part to do witht the fact that Miss White is as gracefull and elegant as a gazelle. Actually Vanna White has said that she did trip once I saw Vanna trip on an episode in 1982 or 1983. She was walking towards a pick-up truck whose bed was filled with postcards that people had sent in for a contest. The camera cut off, but not before we saw her trip. However, I do agree that she is graceful and elegant.

How do you get a coupon for Wacky bingoz on webkinz?

You have to do the hourly events and sometimes you can get them off a wheel. (Ex- Wheel of Wow)

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Are Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune going to go off the air in 2014?

No they are very successful shows and are likely to remain on the air as long as that is true

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for March 30 2011?

Laugh it Off was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzlelaugh it offLaugh it off

How do you take the steering wheel off without air bag going off?

unplug the air bag fuse

What year did Wheel of Fortune sponsor the Olympic games?

It was 1996 that the Wheel off Fortune sponsored the US Olympic Team

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for November 23 2011?

Off the Rack is the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Puzzle for November 23 2011

What is the answer the most recent bonus puzzle on The Wheel of Fortune?

Paperweight is the answer to April 19 2010 bonus round on Wheel of Fortune. I have added a link under the related links so you can go to the latest Wheel of Fortune answer

What was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for August 17 2011?

Laugh It Off was the Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzle for August 17 2011. It was an encore episode from March 30 2011

What is the answer to the December 2 2008 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

off-road vehicles

What is the answer to the March 20 2010 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle?

Double coupons is the answer to the March 20 2010 Wheel of Fortune bonus or final puzzle for Saturday's previously shown program. Caught Off-Guard is the answer to 03-19-2010 wheel of fortune bonus puzzle required for the Sony rewards .

What is the answer to the August 20 2010 Wheel of Fortune Bonus or Final Puzzle?

CAUGHT OFF-GUARD was the final puzzle solution. The August 20 2010 Episode had an Original Air Date of MARCH 19 2010 and is one of Wheel of Fortune's season 27 encore episodes. The Puzzles for the original episode can be found under the related link.

How do you get cents for evony free forever?

There are two ways:You buy them.You win them off the Wheel of Fortune.

How to fix mouse scroll wheel problems?

when you scroll your mouse keeps going up or down? theres an easy fix to that problem. All you have to do is Blow air in it.. put your mouth on the mouse wheel and blow air. It doesn't have to be on or off. This worked try it!