Is Waluigi evil guy or good guy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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His rival is probably Luigi.The game Mario sluggers and mario tennis is an example of waluigi trying to be evil with his former partner wario.In reality they are quite daft charatures so most of the games are based on rivalry.

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Q: Is Waluigi evil guy or good guy?
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Is waluigi a good guy or a bad guy?

He is a neutral meaning not good or bad.

Is waluigi evil?

Yes, but he's not exactly good at getting any of his schemes to work.

Could Mario and Luigi be cousins and Wario and Waluigi be their evil twins?

no. they are brothers and everybody knows that. Wario and Waluigi are their evil twins.

Is wario Mario's evil cousin?

evil brother, like waluigi

Are wario and waluigi twins?

Wario and Waluigi are brothers. They're the evil opposites of Mario and Luigi.

Does Luigi have an evil twin?

Luigi has and evil twin called Waluigi and Mario's evil twin is Wario

Is waluigi bad or good?

Waluigi is bad. Probaly not as bad as Bowser , but more cheating/bad. He is Wario's sidekick and was made just so Wario would have a partner in Mario Tennis. He is Luigi evil counterpart and nemesis. "Wa" in Japanese means bad , hence the name Waluigi.

Does Mario and luigi have more brothers?

No. But Luigi has an evil double named Waluigi.

Is Sub Zero a good guy?

yeah he's a good guy just does evil moves

Is Sub-Zero a good guy?

yeah he's a good guy just does evil moves

In Final Fantasy 9 what happens?

you kidnap a princess. her mommy gets mad and tries to destroy everything. evil guy helps her. evil guy betrays her. evil guy and main character find out they not human. they have battle. good guy win. they leave. good guy marries princess.

Is the X-Man Cyclops good or evil?

he's a good guy