Is There Sims 2 Castaway Xbox 360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is There Sims 2 Castaway Xbox 360?
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What is sims 2 bustin out?

there is a sims 2 bustin out i have it at home unfortunatly you can not get it on xbox 360 but you can get it on: computer, playstation 2, and the xbox not the xbox 360

How do you fix the spade in sims 2 castaway I have the spade but I can't fix it in the crafting how else do you fix it?

Grow up and get an xbox 360

Will sims 2 pets come out on xbox or the 360?

You can play the Sims 2 Pets on the Xbox 360. But you have to have the game on Xbox. If you do place the game in your 360 and it should load up. :D :D :D

Do you have to have to have Sims Castaway before you have Sims 2 Castaway for it to work?

There's no game sims castaway, just sims casaway 2.

Is sims 2 apartment life on xbox 360?


Why doesn't my Xbox 360 play sims 2 for normal Xbox?

some original xbox games can't be played on an xbox 360

Is the sims 2 compatible with the xbox 360?

If you mean is the original Xbox version cross-compatible with 360, then yes, it is.

What is sims 2 castaway stories?

the sims 2 castaway is like the sims 2 just your stuck on an island and you ethier live there or try your best to get back home. P.S. sims on PC = sims castaway stories sims on anything else= sims 2 castaway

Can sims 3 on xbox 360 do 2 player?


Do sims 2 castaway people have children?

NO the sims castaway people cant have children on the wii. You can have children on the Sims 2 Castaway for pc.

Is the Sims 2 Castaway compatible on PlayStation 3?

I don't think there's a sims 2 castaway for a ps3 I to have a ps3 and haven't found a sims 2 castaway... ... also... neither of the stores have a sims 2 castaway for PS3

Do they have sims castaway for PS2?

yes, they have the sims 2 castaway for the PS2